Welcome to the Japanese Akita Inu Club of the UK.

We are currently going through the building of a new website, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

Should you need us please see contact details for the Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer and contact for Judging lists and Breed Education.

Secretary- Ashlie Carter – secretary@japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

Chairman – Peter Chapman – chairman@japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

Treasurer – Kate Huggins – treasurer@japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

Judges list – Maureen Thompson –  judging@japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

BEC – Maureen Thompson – education@japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

Upcoming Events

JAIC UK Breed Open Show

On the same day as the 49th British Utility Breeds Association Championship Show.

At Staffordshire county showground  on Saturday 4th December 2021.

The Japanese Akita Inu Club Breed Open Show, will start after the judging of the Japanese Akita Inu in the BUBA show. Schedule for the Japanese Akita Inu Club Breed Open Show will be sent out later.