Annual Awards



The title of ANNUAL CLUB WINNER is to be awarded to most successful show winning Japanese Akita Inu in three age groups

ADULT (over 2 years old)       

YOUTH (under 2 years old)

VETERAN (over 7 years old)

A competition based on an accumulated point scoring system. Points are accumulated through awards gained at Open and Championship shows held in the UK, Ireland or Europe. Dogs accumulating the most points for each of the categories will be awarded a Club Winner title.

As a club member all you must do is email the club secretary at to register your interest and provide details of each dog and category to be entered along with your own contact information. The Secretary will issue you with a copy of the official application form and guidance notes. You can register as many dogs as you like for each of the categories providing all owners are club members.

Then COMPLETE AN OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET for each dog registered and return it to the Secretary in order to qualify for the awards.

Each category winner will receive their awards at the first club show of each year. Individual success will be celebrated in the winner’s gallery published on the club website and FaceBook page, publicity coverage in the national canine press and of course through our breed note writers.

NOTE: Obviously, great reliance is placed upon each person’s honesty and integrity for record keeping. All submitted results will be scrutinised for accuracy prior to announcing winners. Any records submitted that are subsequently proved to be inaccurate will result in automatic exclusion from the competition.

Annual Awards