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Feb 2017KC Regulation Change affecting Post Graduate entries to Championship Shows

Members of the Japanese Akita Inu Club [JAIC] have voiced concerns regarding lack of clarity for the application of specific wording used in the KC’s 2016/17 Yearbook F(A) regulations: Definitions of Classes at Championship, Open and Limited Shows. The particular section causing some concern is regulation 3.103 and 3.105 which defines eligibility for entry into a Post Graduate class. What seems to be unclear is how this definition should be applied to NON CC breeds exhibiting in the UK. Acting on members concerns the JAIC spoke directly with the Canine Activities Department of the Kennel Club. Discussions have confirmed that regulation F(A) 3.103(3) was recently amended to include the wording “any show award that counts towards the title of Champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club”. A full list of governing bodies recognised by the Kennel Club is listed in section 1.98 of the Yearbook. NON CC Breeds that have won awards such as Green Stars, CAC and CACIB under a recognised governing body listed in section 1.98 of the Kennel Club Yearbook should treat these awards as equivalent to Challenge Certificates and therefore are not eligible for entry into a Post Graduate, Minor or Mid Limit Class where offered. Taking account of this information; the JAIC would like to advise any exhibitor who has entered a Post Graduate class for Crufts with a dog that has won such an award up to 7 days prior to the date of entries closing to report to the Crufts show office prior to judging commencing on the day where arrangements can be made to transfer the dog to the Open class in order to compete. Failure to do this could result in disqualification of award. In addition; the JAIC is continuing discussion with the Canine Activities Department and has made representation about the inhibiting impact application of this regulation may have on NON CC Breeds trying to develop in the UK. It is hoped that this information makes things clear for exhibitors in the current situation and if any other changes are made to this regulation in the future it is likely to be published in the KC Journal. 



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